Awesome tips to clean wooden doors

Cleaning wooden doors in your home or office probably won’t be remembered for your customary housework schedule. Be that as it may, cleaning the wooden doors in the house is actually an extraordinary thought. The base of the doors and the zones around the handle is that piece of the wooden doors which are for the most part utilized. Scrape marks are essentially made from shoes at the base of the door.

So as to clean the scrape marks, oily and sleek fingerprints now and again, you have to take a dissolvable or popularly called solvent. In any case, ensure that the finish of the door ought not to be damaged when cleaning. All you need is only a feeble cleanser arrangement and for the extreme stains, you can utilize the mineral spirits. Here are three basic ways on the most proficient method to clean wooden Doors.


Due Note that For the purpose of general maintenance and care, you need to take a soft, dry cloth in order to wipe polished and varnished wood to remove dust.

Take a moist cloth to remove the hard and the sticky spots on the wooden doors. Immediately wipe the door with the dry cloth. Don’t use wet clothes for a long time period. Sometimes the paint and glaze of the area or are not water-resistant, thus, it absorbs all the water if the wet cloth is used for long time period. It can seriously damage the finishing of the door.

Meanwhile In order to reinstate the shine and gloss of the wooden, or you need to put on the furniture polish with the solvent base with the help of the soft dry cloth.


Remove all the dust from the top of the wooden doors. Soft rag works best as compared to a feather duster.


You need to wipe out from the frame of the wooden door and to all over the place with the help of a rag or a feather duster.


Using oil soap along with a soft rag, the full surface of a polished and varnished wooden door can be wiped out. Make sure that, to wipe out the door in the direction and the way of the grain.


In order to dry the surface and to remove all the excess, you need to buff the door.


Use sponge or scrubber for the painted wooden doors, in order to put on the home-based or commercial multipurpose cleaner. Use soft, clean cloth or rag wipe it dry.


Use a multipurpose cleaner to clean handle or the doorknobs. Remove the dirt and grime, you need to wipe it well and after that dry it.


If there are brass fixtures on the door, you have to use the commercial brass cleaner or homemade brass cleaner.


If a glass or a window inserts in you wooden door, then, a glass cleaner should be used on both insides and outside to make it shiny and glossy.

How Many Houses Can Be Built From Large Redwoods Tree

While there are cases whereby residences have come together to successfully carve a home each in trees, an example of which is the Humboldt Redwoods Treehouse Village. Most people find it hard to overcome the two basic downsides of redwood trees. Which are; redwood trees grow faster and they are undesirably soft. But when it comes to actually using redwood logs on building construction sites to build your home, you may be skeptical about how many houses can be built from large redwoods tree. And that is what I am resolving in this post.

Basically, the whole thing comes down to how many houses you’re looking to build and how big your tree is or how many they are. Another factor is, are you carving a home in the tree or felling the tree for building purpose. Let’s dive in.

Carving A Treehouse In Redwood A Tree

Suppose you’re looking to carve a home in one of these trees, the one question to answer is how big the tree is. So let’s take an average redwood tree as an example. Basically, redwoods can achieve a whopping diameter of 24ft and a weight of 1.6 million lbs. So, assume you were carving a home in one, you could build something like the famous house built in a 2,100 years old giant redwood in California. The cylindrical fell log contains a kitchen, two bedrooms, dining, and a bathroom. This tree is 7ft high and 32ft long. So, suppose you have the same 7ft high log that is 64ft long, you can build two homes with the same number of spaces in each.

Building Houses From Large Redwoods Tree

So, suppose you were building instead of carving, how many houses can you build from a single tree? In this case, it depends on if the entire building is going to be made out of the same wood or you’re mixing in some other building materials.

An example for the latter is the one built in Big Spur California that is currently up for sale at the price of $2, 650, 000. This small cottage combines both a redwood tree with stone and mortar. It is a 3-bedroom cottage with a stone fireplace for warmth. The entire house measures 1, 650 square feet. To build something like this, you would need the same amount of building materials and the equal size of tree used.